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Ephemera Creative Arts Journals at the 2011 Release Party

 Ephemera: (n. pl.) printed records of passing interest that later become memorabilia.

Ephemera is the Clark Honors College Creative Arts Journal. As a student-led, student-run publication, we seek to showcase excellence in prose, poetry, visual art, and creative work produced by CHC students. Our aim is to foster a creative tradition within the CHC community as a platform for student expression.

Since our first issue in 1976, the journal has taken a variety of names and forms, evolving from a few stapled-together pages into a feature magazine and finally into today’s full-length literary arts journal, Ephemera. Art that is considered ephemeral is seen as fleeting, the product of its particular period. As students, our time in the Clark Honors College and at the University of Oregon is all too brief. By collecting, publishing, and chronicling students’ creative work, the journal seeks to transform the ephemeral into the eternal. We aim to preserve within our pages works that recall and represent the CHC experience, lengthening the lives of our art into a lasting record that reflects our changing creative community. We may not be here forever, but Ephemera allows us to make our mark.

Please enjoy select past editions of Ephemera by visiting our issue archive.


Submit to Ephemera

Ephemera accepts submissions in all genres and across all media from all CHC students. To submit, please consult our prose, poetry, and visual art submission guidelines and send all creative work as an attachment to ephemera@uoregon.edu. In the interest of objective evaluation, please note that the attached submission itself should not contain any personally identifying information. Instead, please include the artist’s name and any notes for our consideration (such as the medium, genre, or artistic aim) in the body of the email. Please check our submission guidelines above for full details.

Ephemera’s annual submission deadline is Friday of the first week of Spring term. The editorial staff takes each submission under serious consideration and is committed to providing constructive criticism on all work we receive. If a submission is selected for publication, the artist will be asked to complete this Publication Release Form and return it either via email to ephemera@uoregon.edu or in hard copy to the Ephemera mailbox located in 119 Chapman Hall. Our annual issue is released at the end of each Spring term and past issues are available in the CHC Library and on our website.

Questions regarding submissions or the journal's publication should be addressed directly to the editors at ephemera@uoregon.edu or to the journal's CHC faculty adviser, Professor Helen Southworth, at helen@uoregon.edu.

Join the Editorial Staff

Ephemera is run on a professional level and is committed to serving the CHC community as a learning opportunity for both our student editors and for those who submit to us. Students with a background or interest in prose, poetry, visual art, layout design, or public relations and advertising can expect to gain valuable editorial and leadership experience while working with fellow CHC students who share their interests. Our weekly staff meetings focus on critical discussion, consensus-building, and community outreach, and new Editorial Staff Applications are considered on a rolling basis begining each Fall term. Please see our full position descriptions below for further details. All applicants can expect to be contacted by email within two weeks of submitting a completed Editorial Staff Application form either online to ephemera@uoregon.edu or to the Ephemera mailbox in 119 Chapman Hall.

Staff Departments

Ephemera ’s editorial staff meets every week, convening first as a general staff to coordinate publicity and outreach events, then dividing into departmental section meetings to discuss submissions under review. The journal is made up of four departments— Poetry, Prose, Visual Art, and Layout Design— each of which is responsible for a different facet of the journal.

All CHC students are invited to join Ephemera's staff. Applicants should consider which editorial staff they would like to join, though students are welcome to apply to more than one department. Students whose background or interests do not fit neatly into these four categories are also encouraged to apply and explain how their skills could benefit the journal.

Editorial Staff Applications are considered on a rolling basis, but priority is given to applications received during Fall term. Please email the editors at ephemera@uoregon.edu for more information about our staff structure, workflow, and position availability.

Submission Review: Poetry, Prose, and Visual Art

Students interested in critiquing creative work should apply to join our Poetry, Prose, or Visual Art departments. Each departmental section staff reviews submissions in their respective media, critically evaluates and discusses each piece in section meetings, writes acceptance and rejection letters offering constructive criticism on each submission, and comes to consensus on a final publication list for approval by the Editor-in-Chief.

Layout Design

Students interested in the publishing process, graphic design, or public relations and advertising should apply to join the Layout Design department. This department is chiefly responsible for turning our three section staffs' publication lists into one elegantly organized journal. The Layout Design staff collaborates with the Editor-in-Chief to determine the journal’s organization and aesthetic, including fonts, accents, color schemes, and printing logistics. Interested students should review the journal’s archive of past issues for an appreciation of Layout Design staff’s role in creating Ephemera’s polished product. Experience with InDesign is recommended, but not necessary, as all section staff members will gain design experience.

Before publication lists are decided following the anual submission deadline on Friday of the first week of Spring Term, Layout Design staff supports the Editor-in-Chief and general staff in planning publicity and community outreach events throughout the academic year. This includes poster and web design, but all Ephemera staff members contribute to the journal’s ongoing efforts to attract new editorial talent, solicit quality submissions, and raise Ephemera’s profile within the CHC’s creative community in support of our mission.

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