Fall 2017 HC 431H: Pacific Northwest Meets Hard Heads and Soft Hearts

Fall Term, 2017-2018

Professor: Ed Whitelaw

4 credits

  • CRN 12803: Tuesday & Thursday, 08:30 – 09:50 @ GSH 103

View this course as a Venn-diagram intersection of economics, the environment, litigation, and of course politics. In it, we will slam our hard heads—rigor—and beat our soft hearts—compassion—against salient Pacific Northwest events, conditions, and tensions and issues.

  • Events:
    • The grounding of the New Carissa on the Oregon Coast
    • Clear-cutting the forests in the Jetty Creek watershed
    • Rockaway Beach’s loss of its water-treatment facility.
  • Conditions:
    • The plight of households in Oregon’s 112 extreme-poverty hotspots
    • The peculiar gap in productivity between Seattle’s innovation hub and Portland’s innovation hublet
  • Tensions:
    • The tradeoff in Portland’s housing market between building up and building out
  • Issues:
    • The sham and shame of the Oregon Department of Forestry’s “Oregon Forest Resources Institute.”

In the first week, conceptually, we will create a city, grok a market, and embrace the four key models we’ll use throughout the term: descriptive, normative, explanatory, and prescriptive. You want a bus tour and a walkabout? As you wish. Throughout it all, Team Rigor-Clarity-Brevity are we.