Chapman Hall Renovation FAQs

Chapman Hall was built in 1939 under the Works Progress Administration. The building is imbued with a wonderful sense of history, but is sorely in need of renovation to meet the needs and standards of the 21st century. Thanks to generous private donations and state funding, we will soon begin upgrading Chapman Hall’s utilities (some of which date from 1939), execute a seismic retrofit, and renovate the interior space to better accommodate the needs of students, faculty, and staff. Because Chapman Hall is a designated historical building, there won’t be any modifications to the outside structure. Our renovated building will provide updated technology to all classrooms, and include a permanent thesis defense room, a hearth, and a lounge for casual gatherings.

The renovation is scheduled for summer 2016 through December 2017, comprising one full academic year plus one term. During this time we will relocate to temporary quarters. Some of the faculty will have offices in a university building on nearby Franklin Boulevard, while others will use touchdown offices at McArthur Court and the Global Scholars Hall. Student and staff spaces will relocate to McArthur Court.

Will students have the same facilities and amenities in the temporary quarters that they currently have in Chapman Hall?

Yes, honors college students will have a library and study hall, lounge, kitchenette, computer lab and print station, and seminar-style classrooms in the temporary space.

What about honors courses? Will students be able to take the courses they need?

The honors college will continue to offer a full range of 200-level literature, history and science courses, 400-level colloquia, and thesis-related courses while we are in our temporary spaces.

Where will students meet with their faculty advisor?

Students can meet with honors faculty in their offices on Franklin Blvd. There are also small meeting rooms at McArthur Court so that faculty can hold office hours there. In addition, Dr. Elizabeth Raisanen, CHC Director of Undergraduate Advising, will have her office at McArthur Court.

Is the HC differential tuition going to increase next year?

No, the HC differential tuition will remain at $1,278 per term.

Are there going to be any special student fees assessed next year to help cover the cost of the renovation?

No, student fees will not be used to fund the renovation.

We are interested in coming for a campus visit. Can we meet with CHC Admissions and tour the building during renovation?

While Chapman Hall is undergoing renovation, the building will be closed to the general public. CHC Admissions will meet with prospective students and their parents at McArthur Court. You can register for a tour online. The general university tour and the honors college tour require separate reservations. We encourage you to book both when visiting campus.

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More Questions?

Please call CHC Admissions at 541-346-7600 or send us an email at with any additional questions.