Fall 2017 Science and Math Courses

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Fall 2017 HC 207H: How Marine Organisms Work

Professor: Kelly Sutherland

4 credits

•  CRN 12761: Tuesday & Thursday, 10:00 – 11:50 @ PLC 248

Note: This is a lab course that includes TWO MANDATORY field trips scheduled for October 7 and 8 (Overnight trip to OIMB) and November 4 (Day trip to Bob Creek).

A beautiful and stunning diversity of organisms live beneath the ocean’s surface along the Oregon coast.  How do these organisms perform and ultimately, survive, in the marine environment?  In this course we will use a biomechanics approach (study of biological solids and fluids) to understand how body shape, material properties and movement influence interactions with the physical environment and with other organisms.  Read More

Fall 2017 HC 207H: Predicting the Future

Professor: Stephen Fickas

4 credits

•  CRN 12762: Monday & Wednesday, 10:00 – 10:50 @ DES 220
•  CRN 12763: Fridays, 10:00 – 10:50 @ DES 220 (Required Lab)

This course is an introduction to programming and problem-solving as practiced in the field of computer science. The course focuses on a specific sub-field of computer science called predictive analytics, a fancy term for using past and current data to predict the future. Examples will be drawn from the social sciences, the humanities, education, and business among others. Read More

Fall 2017 HC 209H: Biological Basis of Human Behavior

Professor: Frances White & Klaree Boose

4 credits

•  CRN 16558: Monday & Wednesday, 16:00 – 17:20 @ MCK 347

Human behavior is complex and multifaceted. Understanding the underlying motivations and actions of humans is relevant to a wide range of disciplines, from health and biology to economics and communications. The primary objective of this course is to provide undergraduates with an understanding of human behavior from an evolutionary perspective using topics drawn from the fields of ecology, sociology, psychology, and anthropology.  Read More