Fall 2017 - Social Science colloquia

Fall 2017 HC 424H/431H: Human Rights and the 21st Century

Professor: Cheyney Ryan

4 credits

•  CRN 12800: Tuesday, 14:00 – 16:50 @ PLC 248

We will explore the history and practice of human rights today, and their role in today's political struggles for a better world. Our focus will be both theoretical and practical: we will explore the philosophical underpinnings of human rights, as they emerged from the 20th century experience of war; and we will look at specific conflicts where they now play a role, focusing initially on conflicts around war, genocide, and economic justice. Read More

Fall 2017 HC 431H: Essentialism in Cognition and Culture

Professor: Dare Baldwin

4 credits

•  CRN 12805: Tuesday & Thursday, 12:00 – 13:20 @ GSH 103

This course will examine a broad range of such issues, encouraging students to observe ways in which fundamental cognitive propensities such as psychological essentialism can shape human activities in domains as diverse as scientific discovery, jury decision-making, educational curricula, and children’s willingness to persist in the face of initial failure. Read More

Fall 2017 HC 431H: Big Problems and Bold Solutions: A Collaborative Approach to Problem Solving and Developing Leadership Skills

Professor: Jim Shephard

4 credits

•  CRN 16967: Tuesday & Thursday, 16:00 – 17:20 @ PETR 102

Whatever career you embark on, whatever path you follow, you will find success if you are an effective problem solver and leader.  This course will give you an opportunity to develop problem solving and leadership skills in a collaborative environment. Read More

Fall 2017 HC 431H: Pacific Northwest Meets Hard Heads and Soft Hearts

Professor: Ed Whitelaw

4 credits

•  CRN 12803: Tuesday & Thursday, 08:30 – 09:50 @ GSH 103

This course is an intersection of economics, the environment, litigation, and of course politics. Read More

Fall 2017 HC 444H/431H: Decolonizing Research: The Northern Paiute History Project

Professor: Kevin Hatfield & Jennifer O'Neal

4 credits

•  CRN 12811: Monday & Wednesday, 14:00 – 15:20 @ LIB 201

This course is underpinned by the values of community-based, inter-cultural, de-colonizing, ethical, multidisciplinary research, and authentic discourse among Native and non-Native students, historians, scholars, and tribal community course partners. Read More