HC301H - Taste of Power: Food and Colonialism

Professor: Hannah Cutting-Jones

4.00 credits

CRN 32946: Monday & Wednesday, 12:00-1:20pm @ LIB 322

In this course students will develop basic research, writing, and presentation skills in the discipline of history. We will spend the first part of class narrowing down individual research topics and discussing recent scholarship that models the various questions historians ask of this topic and the different methods they use to answer them. The second half of the class will be largely devoted to research and writing, one-on-one meetings with the instructor, presentations, and peer reviews and feedback. Our specific area of inquiry is the relationship between food and colonialism. Within this historical framework students will have the opportunity to research and write about a variety of topics: the disruption of subsistence agriculture and traditional foodways, military campaigns, settler colonialism, meat production, race, gender, culinary resilience, decolonization, post-colonialism, food sovereignty movements, globalization, food justice, and many more!