HC441H - Bread 101

Professor: Karen Guillemin & Judith Eisen

4.00 credits

CRN 32963: Monday & Wednesday, 12:00-1:20pm @ GER 246

Bread is a complex product that looks nothing like the original seed of grain from which it originates. Through a myriad of physical, chemical, and biological processes, a mixture of a few simple ingredients is transformed into edible, highly nourishing, staple food that is crucial for sustenance in many cultures. In “Bread 101” students will explore the energy requirements, biomedical and biochemical aspects, and local and sociopolitical context of bread production. Students will read and discuss a variety of primary and secondary literature related to wheat production, the microbiological, chemical, and physical processes that transform wheat into bread, the energy cost of this transformation, and cultural implications of bread production.