A CHC Collaborative project - 6 Word Memoirs

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Interested in submitting a 6-word memoir to be featured in our online gallery and The Scholar? Log in to Canvas here.

You can choose to provide as much information as you want (like your name, pronouns, an explanation or elaboration on the poem). Please include your year.

"Thankful for each breath, each day."

"I have our heart––collected apart."

"Pack the Camper, Montana or Bust."
poems featured by Colby GOodrich, hailey o'donnell, abbey mcdonald, gabby cabrera, and juliae riva

CHC students reflect on the last year and share the good, the bad, and the funny in the form of a 6-word memoir.

This project will go LIVE on Week 10 of Spring term. Check back then to view the full gallery of submissions.