With more than 4,000 graduates since 1960, Clark Honors College has one of the most active alumni bodies on campus, and maintains connections with graduates in Oregon and throughout the world.
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Chapman Hall

Chapman Hall Renovation

With the support of university leadership, the Oregon State legislature, and generous alumni, historic Chapman Hall is undergoing a complete interior renovation. When we move back in January 2018, the building will be positioned to provide a top quality experience to CHC students for the next 50 years.

Student Internships

The CHC experience involves learning in and out of the classroom. Internships provide students the opportunity to test drive a career, and connect with working professionals. We actively communicate internship opportunities to current students. If you would like to recruit CHC students for your internship, let us know.

Mark Carey in Peruvian Archive

Meet the Faculty

Faculty are one of the most important parts of the student experience. Your time here wouldn't have been the same without that special professor who inspired you, and made each class an adventure. Meet the CHC faculty who are challenging, supporting and making memories with the next generation of honors college students.
The Scholar

A Magazine of the Clark Honors College

Alyssa Goessler

Persistence, and Deep Self-Reflection, Pave the Road to the United Nations

While she is proud of her academic successes, Goessler says her single greatest accomplishment was learning how to cope and live with mental health challenges while being a full-time student.

A Student Journalist, International Politics, and a Human Connection

I just got back to my room after breakfast at the café downstairs. The first thing the waitress asked me, “Did you hear about the folks who showed up in the middle of the night?”

Trans Canada Trailhead

Visit the Scholar

Madeline Bailey
Power of Attorney
Madeline Bailey, BA '11, recently graduated with her Juris Doctor from UC Berkeley, and is working as a Legal Fellow at the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) in Montgomery, Alabama. A national leader in addressing the death penalty and juvenile incarceration, EJI is also involved in public education around the connections between race and the justice system.
Her journey began in the Inside-Out prison exchange course offered through the Clark Honors College. Read Madeline's Story »
Stay Connected
Clark Honors College Advisory Council on Chapman Hall steps
Alumni Advisory Council

The Clark Honors College experience does not end with graduation. Honors college students remain close with each other and with the University of Oregon long after they have completed their undergraduate degrees. 
Our graduates are represented by an active Advisory Council, including representatives from a wide variety of backgrounds and professional careers, who lend their guidance, enthusiasm, and insight to the college as we work to make the next 50 years as memorable as the last.
Giving Back by Paying it Forward

"You are in part who you are today because of your time in the honors college, whatever that may have brought you, whatever field you may have been in. And I really believe in the concept of paying it forward.

If somebody has done something for you, or you have accomplished something because you have stood on the shoulders of others, then you can't really pay it back, but you can pay it forward."

—Margaret Moore, BA '61