Alumni Profiles

Madeline Bailey

Madeline Bailey, BA '11

Majors and Minors: Spanish, International Studies

•  Legal Fellow, Equal Justice Initiative


Yevgeniya Turov

Yevgeniya Turov, BS ’07

Major: Chemistry

•  Chemistry Professor at University of Wisconsin at La Crosse

Windy Borman

Windy Borman, BA ’03

Majors: SP Theater Arts and Electronic Media Production

•  Teach For America
•  DVA Productions: The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia (2012) and The Eyes of Thailand (2012)

Dana Ponte

Dana Ponte, BA '02

Major: Russian, Eastern European, and Eurasia Studies

•  National Council for Eurasian and East European Research

Kelli O'Laughlin

Kelli O’Laughlin, BA ’99

Major: International Studies

•  HIV treatment access for refugees and displaced populations
•  ​​​​​​​Brigham and Women’s Hospital Department of Emergency Medicine

Sheila Miller

Sheila Miller, BA ’99

Majors: Spanish and International Studies

•  Member, CHC Advisory Council
•  Program Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Jeff Whitty

Jeff Whitty, BA '93

Major: English

•  Playwright and Actor
•  Author, Broadway Musical "Avenue Q"


Dan Dutton

Dan Dutton, BA '87

Majors & Minors: Finance, Marketing, and Economics

•  CEO, Mailbox Merchants, Inc.
•  President and CEO, Kobalt Design Group, Inc.
•  Executive Vice President, Signature Graphics, Inc.
•  Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC)


Lynn Botelho

Lynn Botelho, BA ’85

Major: History

•  Indiana University of Pennsylvania history professor
•  2011 Veteran U.S. National Fencing Champion


Mary Dasso, BA '84

Major: Chemistry

Ph.D. BiochemistrySenior Investigator in the Laboratory of Gene Regulation and Development

Tom Ettel

Tom Ettel, BA ’84

Major: Fine Arts

•  Principal at Kennedy Elementary School, Medford, Oregon

Jordan Yospe

Jordan Yospe, BA '83

Major: Psychology

•  Counsel and Partner - Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP
•  General Counsel, Head of Business and Legal Affairs - Mark Burnett Productions
•  General Counsel, President of Production - Gallery Films


Eric Benjaminson

Eric Benjaminson, BA ’81

Major: History

•  Former U.S. Ambassador to Gabon

James Shephard

James Shephard, BA '80

Major: Humanities

•  Banque AIG in Paris
•  Shephard Family Scholarship for International Students
•  Shephard Family Scholarship for Study Abroad

Richard Boyles

Richard Boyles, BA '79

Majors and Minors: Marketing Transactions, Business Environment

•  Owner, Iris Vineyards
•  Founder and President, InnSight Hotel Management Group
•  President, Sycan B Corp


Mark Sykes

Mark V. Sykes, BA ’78

Major: Physics

• CEO of the Planetary Science Institute

Mike Boehnke

Michael Boehnke, BA ’77

Major: Biomathematics

•  Richard G. Cornell Distinguished University Professor of Biostatistics
•  University of Michigan at Ann Arbor School of Public Health
•  University of Michigan Center for Statistical Genetics and Genome Science Training Program

David Maier

David Maier, BA '74

Major: Mathematics and Computer Science

•  Maseeh Professor of Emerging Technologies in the Department of Computer Science at Portland State University

David Sonnenfeld

David A. Sonnenfeld, BA ’73

Major: Independent Study

•  Professor of Sociology and Environmental Policy, State University of New York
•  Environmental Policy Group, Department of Social Sciences, Wageningen University in the Netherlands

Ival McMains

Ival McMains, BA '70

Major: Political Science

•  Founder, Family Fitness Management


Jon Rode

Jonathan Rode, BA ’70

Major: Physics

•  Rockwell Science Center (now Teledyne Technologies)

Randall Wulff

Randall Wulff, BA '70

Major: International Business

•  Founder, Wulff Quinby & Sochynsky Dispute Resolution
•  Adjunct Professor, Hastings College
•  Trial Lawyer, Farella Braun & Martel LLP


Mary Goldring

Mary Brennan Goldring, BA '69

Major: Biology

•  Senior Scientist, Hospital for Special Surgery - New York
•  Lecturer, Weill Cornell Medical College at Cornell University


Kathleen Liberty

Kathleen Liberty, BA '69 MA '71

Major: Education

•  Professor of Education and Health Sciences, University of Canterbury

Doug Bates

Doug Bates, BA '68

Major: Journalism

•  The San Diego Union- Tribune, The Seattle Times, The Oregonian
•  Pulitzer Prize winner

Al West

Al West, BA ’67

Major: Chemistry and Mathematics

•  CHC Advisory Council
•  Retired scientist

Mary Ellen Isensee

Mary Ellen Isensee, BA ’63

Major: Sociology

•  Member, CHC Advisory Council
•  Court Appointed Special Advocate
•  Retired School Counselor

Allison Blakely

Allison Blakely, BA '62

Major: History

•  Chair of African American Studies, Boston University
•  Professor, Howard University
•  Captain, US Military

Daniel Knapp

Daniel Knapp, BA '62

Major: Asian Studies

•  Co-author, Scouting the War on Poverty: Social Reform Politics in the Kennedy Administration
•  Urban Ore

Margaret Moore

Margaret Moore, BA '61

Major: Education

•  Assistant Superintendent, Issaquah School District