Arts & Letters

HC 221H: Writing the Journey: Studying and Practicing Travel Writing

Professor: Liz Bohls

4.00 credits

• CRN 13078: Tuesday & Thursday, 1215-1345 @ ALL 101

Since remote antiquity, for a wide variety of reasons, people have left home and hit the road. Journeys have always been a part of life, and travel writing has a long and varied history as a literary genre. Read More

HC 221H: In Search of Belonging: The Consolations of Community in Contemporary Literature and Cinema

Professor: Dawn Marlan

4.00 credits

• CRN 13079: Tuesday & Thursday, 1615-1745 @ This course will be held remotely

This is a course focused on the paradox of community, namely that the very safety and protection it offers (by virtue of strength in numbers, for example) poses a danger to the individual, whose freedom it curtails and whose interests are never perfectly aligned with those of the group. Read More


HC 221H: True Fictions

Professor: Brendan O'Kelly

4.00 credits

• CRN 13080: Tuesday & Thursday, 1615-1745 @ ANS 195

Ever since The Blair Witch Project (1999) was marketed as “found footage” documenting the last few days of missing—and presumably dead—film students, the horror genre has been barraged by films pretending to be discovered footage of actual events. Read More

HC 221H: The Difference China Makes

Professor: Roy Chan

• CRN 13085: Tuesday & Thursday, 1415-1545 @ MCK 122

In recent months fears over the global spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 have evolved into widespread stigmatization and stereotyping of Chinese people and culture. Read More

HC 221H: Beyond Nietzsche and Nazis: An Intellectual History of the Alt-Right

Professor: Rebecca Schuman

4.00 credits

• CRN 13087: Monday & Wednesday, 1415-1545 @ This course will be held remotely

While contemporary “alt-right” movements have much in common with the dogma of the Nazism, we know only a fraction of the story if we don’t also study the numerous other blueprints for these intersecting ideologies, blueprints that appeared with astounding regularity in the cultural output of post-Enlightenment Europe. Read More

HC 221H: Sex and the City: Intimacy and the Urban Milieu in European Literature and Thought

Professor: Rebecca Schuman

4.00 credits

• CRN 13090: Monday & Wednesday, 1615-1745 @ This course will be held remotely

How do humanity’s closest relationships — with sexual partners, neighbors, members of one’s own community or even with individuals one marginalizes — shape, provoke or challenge the concept of the self and of “culture”? Read More