Arts & Letters

HC221H: Eco Literature and the Green Imagination

Professor: Barbara Mossberg

4.00 Credits

• CRN 21033: Monday & Wednesday, 1000 - 1150 @ CHA 201

The ecological mind is old as the hills, revealed in the extravagant stories first imagined by humanity coming to consciousness on earth. We will be literary detectives, exploring ecological themes in ancient through pre-modern literature, from Gilgamesh through Shakespeare, covering Ovid’s epic Metamorphoses. When did a green imagination appear? Read more


HC221H: The Velocity of Gesture, or Intro to Air Guitar

Professor: Brian McWhorter

4.00 credits

• CRN 21034: Tuesday & Thursday, 1000-1120 @ CHA 201

As a phenomenological exploration of nuance and gesture, this class will look at body language in casual and performative modalities. We will explore how body language reflects and even engenders the understanding of music and other temporal art forms. Read more


HC221H: Encounters with God

Professor: Lisa Wolverton

4.00 credits

• CRN 21036: Monday & Wednesday, 0830-0950 @ CHA 201

• CRN 21041: Tuesday & Thursday, 0830-0950 @ CHA 201

What does it mean to be human?  For at least one thousand years, Christians answered this question in relation to a transcendent supreme being: God.  Read more


HC221H: Excess, Ephemera, and the Unlivable

Professor: Quinn Miller

4.00 credits

• CRN 21038: Monday & Wednesday, 1600-1720 @ MCK 473

This course analyzes language and culture creatively and expansively, with attention to elements of history and experience that elude straightforward representation and interpretation. Read more


HC221H: Writing the Self

Professor: Dawn Marlan

4.00 credits

• CRN 21039: Tuesday & Thursday, 1600-1720 @ MCK 473

Alongside the ascension of mainstream creative nonfiction like the memoir, the personal essay has been proliferating in blogs, magazines, and journals. Using both story-telling techniques and analytic tools, and attending to artful, surprising writing, personal essayists challenge popular opinion, treading on dearly held beliefs and values, often their own. Read more


HC221H: Narratives of Retribution & Revenge

Professor: Ulrick Casimir

4.00 credits

• CRN 21040: Tuesday & Thursday, 1400-1520 @ MCK 122

Focused on both narrative readings (mostly poetry, drama, and short fiction) and films, this course concerns how different cultures, over time, have examined through narrative the mechanics, potentialities, limitations, and consequences of retribution and revenge. Read more


HC221H: Music and Emotion

Professor: Zachary Wallmark

4.00 credits

• CRN 21043: Wednesday & Friday, 1200-1320 @ CHA 201

How does music move us? In this discussion and activity-based introduction to the psychology, philosophy, and history of music and emotion, we will explore contemporary approaches to the music-emotion connection from music theory, musicology, and cognitive science. Read more