Course: Behavioral Economics CHIP

Disclaimer: This class will not tell you how to behave. Another Disclaimer: This class might change how you behave. Behavioral Economics is a sub-field of “the dismal science” that is economics. Focusing on the psychology of why people make decisions, behavioral economics opens up different ways of thinking about everyday decisions, like what you order at a restaurant or how you choose a student loan. In this class, we will be reading chapters from Dan Ariely’s Predictably Irrational, a behavioral economics book that applies the field to everyday goings on as well as public policy issues. We will apply these different lessons to current issues and use this class as an informal forum for discussion and debate. The CHIP program is also designed as an introduction to the Honors College and the University as a whole, so we will put a big emphasis on getting used to the school as well as the city of Eugene. I hope to be a significant resource for everyone in this class by helping you all navigate the university and help ease your transition into college.