Clark Honors College Curricula



Effective Fall 2020, the Clark Honors College is adopting a new curriculum that is based on the evolving needs of our students and that addresses the changing interests and goals of our student population. 

  • Students who enter the CHC beginning in Fall 2020 will automatically be enrolled in the Fall 2020 curriculum. 
  • Students who entered the CHC in Fall 2019 or Winter 2020 may find it advantageous to switch to the Fall 2020 curriculum and are encouraged to meet with a CHC advisor to discuss their academic plans (although no changes will be made to a student’s curriculum unless they notify the CHC that they wish to switch curricula). 
  • Students who entered the CHC prior to Fall 2019 will likely derive no benefit from switching to the Fall 2020 curriculum, though they are welcome to discuss their academic plans with their CHC advisor. 


1. Why is the CHC curriculum changing? 
The Clark Honors College is consistently working to meet the needs of its students, which includes updating the CHC’s core education requirements. The new curriculum, effective beginning in Fall 2020, enhances the first-year experience and injects greater flexibility into four-year plans. The new curriculum improves the balance between science, math, arts & letters, and social science disciplines, and it also enables us to allow a wider variety of transfer, IB, AP and UO credits to fulfill CHC core education requirements. 

2. What is the difference between the pre-Fall 2020 curriculum and the Fall 2020 curriculum? 
The new curriculum revises the first two years of the CHC’s core education requirements (courses at the 100-, 200- and 300-levels). No changes are being made to the 400-level colloquium requirement. All CHC students are still required to complete a thesis, and in addition to completing HC 477: Thesis Prospectus, students will now also take HC 277: Thesis Orientation to begin preparing for the thesis earlier in their four-year plans. 

3. Does this affect me? 
If you enrolled in the CHC in Fall 2019 or Winter 2020, you may find it beneficial to switch to the Fall 2020 curriculum. Meet with a CHC advisor to discuss which curriculum option is best for you. If you enrolled in the CHC prior to Fall 2019 AND have completed all of your 200-level CHC courses, you will likely derive no benefit from switching to the Fall 2020 curriculum. 

4. Is the Fall 2020 curriculum better than the pre-Fall 2020 curriculum? 
Both curricula require the same number of credits for graduation (60 credits). The Fall 2020 curriculum simply allows more flexibility for incoming and current first-year students by bringing STEM classes into their academic plans earlier and utilizing additional transfer, AP, IB, and UO credits. The best choice for you will depend on your major and how many CHC courses you have already completed. Consult your CHC advisor to discuss your options. 

5. How did the CHC develop the new curriculum?
The CHC utilized an inclusive process in developing the Fall 2020 curriculum. In 2018-19, we conducted surveys and held focus groups with faculty and students, reviewed historical student feedback on the CHC curriculum, and did comparative research into other top honors colleges and programs throughout the country. Once the new curriculum was adopted unanimously by the CHC faculty in June 2020, it went through a detailed university vetting process that culminated with the approval of the curriculum by the UO Senate in March 2020. 

6. If I switch to the Fall 2020 curriculum, will this postpone my graduation date? 
The curriculum that is better for you is the one that allows you to graduate on the most efficient timeline. The pre-Fall 2020 curriculum and the Fall 2020 curriculum both require the same number of credits. Which curriculum will work better for you depends on your major and on how much of the curriculum you have completed by the end of Spring 2020. Contact a CHC advisor to discuss which curriculum option is best for you. 

7. What do I need to do to switch to the new curriculum? 
To switch to the new curriculum, you must contact your CHC advisor. 

8. I enrolled in the CHC prior to Fall 2020. What do I need to do to stay with the pre-Fall 2020 curriculum? 
To remain in the pre-Fall 2020 curriculum, no action is needed. 

9. When will I need to decide to switch curricula? 
We encourage you to make your decision prior to the opening of Fall term registration on Monday, May 18, although switching to the Fall 2020 curriculum after that date is permitted.   

10. What if I'm having trouble deciding? 
If you have trouble deciding or are unsure of your timeline, talking with a CHC advisor will be very helpful. Remember that your CHC faculty advisor, Dr. Rovak, Dr. Raisanen, and Dr. Gallagher are available to help guide you to the curriculum that is most beneficial for you. Please note that advisors in Tykeson Hall and departmental advisors in your major will not have the necessary information to guide you effectively regarding CHC curricular options. 

11. If I switch to the Fall 2020 curriculum, can I switch back to the pre-Fall 2020 curriculum? 
No. The decision to change to the Fall 2020 curriculum will be permanent.  

12. I’ve switched to the Fall 2020 curriculum. Why does my degree guide still show the pre-Fall 2020 curriculum? 
Changing the degree guide is a complex process. We plan to have all degree guides updated by the beginning of Fall 2020.