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As an alumnus of the Clark Honors College, we want to support you in staying connected to the college and to your fellow alumni, and we want to encourage you to give back to the community through interacting with current CHC students.

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You've Got This: Alumni send in messages of encouragement for current CHC students

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, CHC alumni were invited to contribute words of encouragement for current CHC students.  What a response!  Selected messages are being included in each weekly student newsletter, and they are lifting the spirits and warming the hearts of students, faculty and staff alike.  Feel free to peruse them here, and if you are inspired to send in a message of your own, contact Elin England at Community supporting community!

Give back to the CHC

What made a difference to you while you were in the CHC?  A faculty mentor? An internship? A study abroad experience that opened doors you didn’t even know existed?  We invite you to share these experiences with current CHC students through informal talks, newsletter articles, and mentorship or internship opportunities.

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