Course: Digital Humanities

HC 421H

Professor: Elizabeth Raisanen and Helen Southworth

This course will introduce students to the Digital Humanities, an emerging field of study that includes projects in the arts that exploit digital resources. We'll begin by reading general essays on this evolving field and discussing the key problems and issues that have arisen in Digital Humanities in recent years.

We will also examine a variety of projects focused on the literature and culture of the eighteenth, nineteenth, and early twentieth centuries, including (but not limited to) the William Blake Archive, the Orlando Project, NINES, the Whitman Archive, the Emily Dickinson Archive, the Mark Twain project, Woolfonline, Modnets, the Modernist Journals Project, the Modernist Versions Project, and Odour of Chrysanthemums: A Text in Process.

As part of their final project, students will have a chance to contribute to the Professors’ own Digital Humanities projects. Professor Southworth’s MAPP, Modernist Archives Publishing Project, is a collaboratively built digital resource (now housed at Stanford’s Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis) which covers twentieth-century publishing houses, and Professor Raisanen’s Digital Mitford: The Mary Russell Mitford Archive is creating a comprehensive archive of nineteenth-century author Mary Russell Mitford’s correspondence, poetry, plays, and prose fiction.

Computing skills are not required for this class, but students will be offered a chance to use any expertise in this area that they might have, and they will be given the opportunity to learn some basic TEI and XML coding skills.