Course: Digital Scholarship

HC 431H

Professor: Trond Jacobsen

New technologies and techniques are fundamentally changing scholarly practices and students not engaging important questions raised by these developments are not prepared for the academic landscapes ahead. This course prepares CHC students to achieve their greatest potential as scholars by increasing their understanding of scholarly knowledge production, dissemination, evaluation, and access. Through a combination of readings, lectures, individual assignments, and a group project, students become competent digital scholars. The course embodies some of the changes in scholarship it describes. 

Students completing this course are adept at navigating scholarly communications systems (SCS), from the traditional world of academic journals indexed in academic databases, using bibliographies and citation management, to cutting-edge digital techniques that afford new modes of scholarly knowledge production, including network analytics and text mining. Students also learn advanced search theories and techniques, digital ethics, appropriate peer review, and standards for attribution and citation. Students execute advanced techniques to exploit UO library digital resources. Students complete a collaborative digital liberal arts project.