Course: Predicting the Future

HC 207H

Professor: Stephen Fickas

This course includes a required Lab.

This course is an introduction to programming and problem-solving as practiced in the field of computer science. The course focuses on a specific sub-field of computer science called predictive analytics, a fancy term for using past and current data to predict the future. Python is the programming language used in the course.

Examples will be drawn from the social sciences, the humanities, education, and business among others. It is hard to think of a college or department on campus that does not use data (and often lots of it) in their daily work. This course teaches you how to use computer science to work with that data.

The course does have a strong emphasis on programming. However, it starts from scratch and does not assume students have prior programming experience.

The course will use the mundane spreadsheet as the means to capture and reason about data. After completing the course, students will have the programming skills to work with their own spreadsheets and do their own predictions.

The course is not a broad introduction to programming. For that I recommend CIS 122, the CIS 200-sequence or even the CIT minor. Students who complete this course will have the programming skills to tackle predictive problems with their own spreadsheet data.