Course: Workshop for Human Subject Research

HC 408H

Professor: Melissa Graboyes

The CHC is happy to announce a new, special topics workshop specially designed for CHC students who may be conducting human subject research as part of their thesis, or for other research projects.

In this one day session, students will be guided through the process of applying for research clearance through the UO’s Institutional Review Board (IRB). All CHC students who have a complete Thesis Prospectus and will be conducting research on human subjects in the next 1-2 years are invited to enroll.

The workshop will be co-taught by CHC-faculty members and representatives from the UO’s office of Research Compliance Services. During the session students will receive a presentation on the history of medical ethics and past injustices of human subjects research, followed by an explanation of why we have an Institutional Review Board and what it does, and finally students will have time to work independently on actually putting together their own IRB application while having experts in the room to answer any emergent questions.

Don’t know if your research is human subjects research and if you need to do an IRB application? If you are enrolled in HC 477H: Thesis Prospectus during spring term, then in that class you will receive a visit from someone from the Research Compliance Services office who will help you determine if your research qualifies. Interested and/or confused students should also feel free to contact Professor Melissa Graboyes (