Edgar Temam

Edgar Temam

CRES ProTem Instructor
Courtesy Postdoctoral Research Scholar

etemam@uoregon.edu | 541-338-8721 | Knight Law Bldg.

Affiliated Departments: Philosophy Department

Interests: history of philosophy, critical thinking, basic logic, pedagogy, philosophy of technology, social & political philosophy--particularly, our thinking about violence & nonviolence, war & peace, conflict & resolution, force & power, injustice & justice

Curriculum Vitae


Conflict and Dispute Resolution (CRES) Adjunct Instructor during Fall 2014


Academic Interests: Social and Political Philosophy – particularly, our thoughts around Violence and Nonviolence, War and Peace, Force and Power, and Injustice and Justice, Philosophy of Nonviolence, Philosophy of Education, History of Philosophy, Critical Thinking, Basic Logic, Pedagogy

Course(s): Philosophy of Conflict Resolution

Biography: Professor Temam currently teaches in CRES and English.  His relevant areas of interest include: philosophy of nonviolence, social and political philosophy, and philosophy of education.  Temam holds three college degrees: BS in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University, MA in Philosophy from San Francisco State University, and PhD in Philosophy from the UO.