photo of the Lennon wall in Prague, by Kaitlin Hoffman

Ephemera Creative Arts Journal

Ephemera: (n. pl.) printed records of passing interest that later become memorabilia.

Ephemera is the Clark Honors College Creative Arts Journal. As a student-led, student-run publication, we seek to showcase excellence in prose, poetry, visual art, and creative work produced by honors college students. Our aim is to foster a creative tradition within the CHC community as a platform for student expression.

As students, our time in the Clark Honors College and at the University of Oregon is all too brief. By collecting, publishing, and chronicling students’ creative work, the journal seeks to transform the ephemeral into the eternal. We aim to preserve within our pages works that recall and represent the CHC experience, lengthening the lives of our art into a lasting record that reflects our changing creative community.

We may not be here forever, but Ephemera allows us to make our mark.

water color painting by Anna Chelsky


The Grand Canyon, photograph by Adrien Wilkie


An Artist’s Last Letter to his Love

You are only beautiful because I paint you so.
Your yellow hair I render with gold,
And lend sparkle to your eyes with the white of my brush.
I set soft hues of rose into the curves of your cheeks,
And round your lips with my shadow of blue.
Your ordinary neck I flatter with soft light
The dull blue of your eyes I paint to brilliance
I lie in your portraits whilst your hungry eyes shine in delight
(the only time your eyes ever shine)
You are not my muse, my darling.
I am sorry to leave,
But not for casting shade
On your impossibly vain love, your only love;

by Christel Gomes


photograph by Jordan Wilkie
  Memories, watercolor by Anna Chelsky
  Johnny, charcoal drawing by Madison Cuneo


Replicate the Mind

How? Impossible!

Simple. See the girls in the summer dresses, hear them flock like geese, “Like, duh,” “Like, duh,” “Like, Duh,” to the tall blond one in front? Easy. Predictable: just so many ones and zeros clip-clipping heel-toe down a sidewalk.

But that girl – septum piercing, dark hair, a short cut, homemade knapsack, walking barefoot, reading– she holds mystery.

Ask her if that’s Kerouac.

She said, “Like, duh.”


Oh… Simple.

by Jordan Wilkie

  Selling More Than What You Can Touch, photograph by Liz Zarro
  With Open Arms, photograph by Liz Zarro
  Starry Night Flip-Flops, acrylic on foam by Cole Goodwin
  Joy, photograph by Alexa Kanbergs

Mental Math

My phone number crops up for the Gallup Poll,
and the surveyor asks me to rate my life on a scale from 1 to 10.

I can’t explain that I don’t understand the math required to integrate
"incomplete" and "so happy I’m scared."
I can’t even approximate with a complicated sum.
+ diligence with decimal burnout.
Add seeing my friends and not the future, minus root past,
plus in love and in progress, times loving this hope for the progress at hand.
Raise this to the power of grateful,
and let x = a sunrise that I recognize with joy
without knowing where my sum of sunsets falls.

"Five and a half?" I offer in defeat.
"Which do you want, five or six?" she evenly demands.

Oblivious to the lie she extracts and what turmoil ensues,
the surveyor dials anew.

by Taylor Wilson

  Abstract Self Portrait, mixed media by Kari Odden
  Train Station, photograph by Nicolette Dent
  Pencils, photograph by Lily Bussel
  Shadows at the Gorge, photograph by Simon Narode
  Steinbeck at Sundown, photograph by Jenna Westover
  The Inescapable Things in Life, mixed media by Cole Goodwin
painting by Kelsey Mills
  Dust, photograph by Liz Zarro
  Deer, photograph by Jenna Westover
  Spirit, photograph by Nicolette Dent


I was stranded at
The head and foot of
Two adjacent stairs,
Flickering between
Mirrored destinations.
You heard a piercing
Before my head fell south,
Knocking each step, but
Skipping always more
And committed,
While my lidless
Corpse marched surely toward the sky,
But its thin blood fountains from
A dark egress in its chest,
Because my gray heart
Wavers still,
Mindless and formless,
Between the high and low,
Ever-further drifting,
From tangible decision.

by Simon Narode

  Torn, pottery by Alison Robinson-Widmer
  Chinese Influence, mixed media by Roxanne Olsson
  Wishing, photograph by Riley Stevenson
  Eagle Dance, mixed media by Roxanne Olsson


the things i want to say
want to jump out of my mouth
like a puppy

yes a puppy
soft and heavy and warm
messy and noisy and breathing all over the place

i cover them up with a blanket
try to trick them to sleep

by Jessie Erikson

  Guinness, photograph by Liz Zarro
  Come Here My Pretty, photograph by Micaela Russo
  Still Life, Kettle and Mango, drawing by Roxanne McKee
  Morning Salutations, Hana Maui, photograph by Liz Zarro


I wish I could move like
The sunlight
Out on the swings
In the woods.
I wish I could flicker,
Swim briskly
Through some branches
And leave silhouettes of life on people’s skin,
Constantly changing
Morphing, ballooning, dwindling
In accordance with the winds
And the shiver of their
Rebel green leaves
That really should be red
Or brown, or yellow,
Or dead.

I wish that where I were not
There would be shadows.
My absence would be felt
By the sting of a darker sharp chill,
And my presence would be missed
Like the warmth of a candle
Or the sun on the autumn swings.

by Simon Narode

  The Cliché, the Silhouette, the Soleil, photograph by Ella Anderson
  The Owltown Orchestra, photograph by Jenna Westover