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An Active Teaching and Research Faculty

Clark Honors College faculty are dedicated, award-winning teachers and groundbreaking researchers. Active in their respective fields, faculty know first-hand the hard work, persistence, and dedication required to take a project from concept to peer-reviewed publication, and are therefore ideally positioned to mentor and advise students as they work to master those same skills.


Louise Bishop
"Professor Louise Bishop is one of the most inspirational people I know.
Her joy, wisdom, and enthusiasm are positively contagious. She is genuinely invested and interested in her students’ futures, and I value her—both as a mentor and a professor."—Allison Zhou, Class of 2017
Giants in the Classroom
decolonizing research class
Who determines what goes into history books, and what doesn't? Co-instructors Kevin Hatfield and Jennifer O’Neal, together with the Northern Paiute communities of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs and the Burns Paiute Tribe, are on a mission to help students bring to light an alternative historical narrative.
Alongside tribal elders, spiritual leaders, language instructors, museum and culture and heritage department staff, and many other tribal community members and visiting scholars, these professors are developing a set of shared research protocols and ethics to guide students on this journey. 

Do animals make us human? How has this relationship changed over time and varied by social setting? Crickets were honored pets in imperial China. Augustine argued that animals had no reason and hence their suffering was of no consequence. The Jataka Tales recount the story of the Buddha offering his body to a starving mother tiger, so she could feed her cubs.
Created while on sabbatical at a Buddhist-inspired university, professor Roxann Prazniak says that in many ways, this is the most important course she teaches.
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Recent Books by Faculty

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Book Cover of Homeless Tongues by Monique Balbuena
Fresca -- A Life in the Making: A Biographer's Quest for a Forgotten Bloomsbury Polymath
Book Cover of The Experiment Must Continue by Melissa Graboyes
Book Cover of Intellectual Manhood by Tim Williams
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Faculty are essential to the student experience.

The close mentorship provided by honors college faculty is one of the most memorable parts of a CHC education, creating bonds that last long after students leave our halls.

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