Fall 2020 Course Descriptions

HC 101H: Top Visions of Conflict

Professor: Michael Moffitt

4.00 credits

• CRN 16603

• CRN 16611

This class examines visions of human conflict. We will engage a range of intellectual lenses to understand the breadth of efforts to describe conflicts in a wide range of settings - - wars between nations, clashes between roommates, disagreements over public resources and policies, or differences within families or organizations, for example. Read More


HC 101H: Evolution in Science and Society

Professor: Samantha Hopkins

4.00 credits

• CRN 16607

This class examines the critical idea of evolution by natural selection, its development as a scientific concept, its application and misapplication to a variety of other fields. Read More


HC 101H: Drama in Ancient Greece and Medieval Japan

Professor: Corinne Bayerl

4.00 credits

• CRN 16609

• CRN 16613

This seminar will explore the relationship between drama in comic and tragic modes in two different cultures: 5th-and 4th-century B.C. Athens and 14th-century Japan. Read More


HC 101H: Malaria-Science, Ethics, History

Professor: Melissa Graboyes

4.00 credits

• CRN 16610

• CRN 16612

This course examines malaria and its corresponding technologies in Africa from many different disciplines and perspectives, recognizing how these different approaches contribute to more complex and accurate understanding of a challenging disease. Read More


HC 101H: Epic Leadership and Lyric Poetry

Professor: Barbara Mossberg

4.00 credits

• CRN 16615

What do Lincoln, Churchill, JFK, Wangari Matthai, Sojourner Truth, Eleanor Roosevelt, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Victor Havel, Pablo Neruda, and Barack Obama have in common? An unlikely story: poetry. Read More


HC 101H: John Muir's Backpack

Professor: Barbara Mossberg

4.00 credits

• CRN 16622

Scientist or poet? John Muir’s death certificate lists his occupation as Geologist. He was known worldwide as a botanist. He stands in the California quarter as a mountaineer. He is legendary in first ascents lore. First president of the Sierra Club, he is credited as grandfather of the national parks who wrote the Game Book on environmental advocacy. Read More


HC 101H: Top Liberal Arts 12, 19

Professor: Monique Balbuena

4.00 credits

• CRN 16614

• CRN 16621

♦Course Description is forthcoming.


HC 101H: Top Liberal Arts 15

Professor: Carol Paty

• CRN 16617

♦Course Description is forthcoming.


HC 221H: Writing the Journey: Studying and Practicing Travel Writing

Professor: Liz Bohls

4.00 credits

• CRN 13078

Travel can be transformative, jolting the traveler out of her comfortable world-view—or it can serve to reaffirm that complacent perspective. Read More


HC 221H: In Search of Belonging: The Consolations of Community in Contemporary Literature and Cinema

Professor: Dawn Marlan

4.00 credits

• CRN 13079

This is a course focused on the paradox of community, namely that the very safety and protection it offers (by virtue of strength in numbers, for example) poses a danger to the individual, whose freedom it curtails and whose interests are never perfectly aligned with those of the group. Read More


HC 221H: True Fictions

Professor: Brendan O'Kelly

4.00 credits

• CRN 13080

Ever since The Blair Witch Project (1999) was marketed as “found footage” documenting the last few days of missing—and presumably dead—film students, the horror genre has been barraged by films pretending to be discovered footage of actual events. Read More


HC 221H: The Difference China Makes

Professor: Roy Chan

• CRN 13085

In recent months fears over the global spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 have evolved into widespread stigmatization and stereotyping of Chinese people and culture. Read More


HC 221H: Beyond Nietzsche and Nazis: An Intellectual History of the Alt-Right

Professor: Rebecca Schuman

4.00 credits

• CRN 13087

While contemporary “alt-right” movements have much in common with the dogma of the Nazism, we know only a fraction of the story if we don’t also study the numerous other blueprints for these intersecting ideologies, blueprints that appeared with astounding regularity in the cultural output of post-Enlightenment Europe. Read More


HC 221H: Sex and the City: Intimacy and the Urban Milieu in European Literature and Thought

Professor: Rebecca Schuman

4.00 credits

• CRN 13090

How do humanity’s closest relationships — with sexual partners, neighbors, members of one’s own community or even with individuals one marginalizes — shape, provoke or challenge the concept of the self and of “culture”? Read More


HC 231H: Mental Illness in Ancient Cultures

Professor: Soshana Kerewsky

4.00 credits

• CRN 13098

This course explores a range of pre-modern civilizations’ descriptions of mental health and mental illness...Read More


HC 231H: The Fundamentals of Economics

Professor: Glen Waddell

4.00 credits

• CRN 13099

♦Course description is forthcoming.


HC 231H: Housing and Homelessness

Professor: Claire Herbert

4.00 credits

• CRN 13100

This course examines how housing shapes individual, family, and neighborhood dynamics. Read More


HC 231H: Household Archaeology

Professor: Alison Carter

4.00 credits

• CRN 13101

When people think of archaeology and the ancient world they often think of dramatic monuments like the Great Pyramids in Egypt, Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s tomb of terracotta warriors in China, or religious sites like Stonehenge in England. Read More


HC 231H: Introduction to International Relations

Professor: Jane Cramer

4.00 credits

• CRN 13102

♦Course description is forthcoming.


HC 231H: In and Out of the Museum

Professor: Eleanora Redaelli

4.00 credits

• CRN 13103

This course explores the multifaceted aspects of an art museum, focusing on a case study: the Portland Art Museum (PAM). Read More


HC 231H: Facing Climate Change: Inequality and Action

Professor: Leigh Johnson

4.00 credits

• CRN 13104

This course orients students to the challenges climate change poses for human wellbeing and socioeconomic development in both the Global North and South. Read More


HC 231H: Oral Advocacy and Argumentation

Professor: Trond Jacobsen

4.00 credits

• CRN 13105

• CRN 13109

Shall we use this one?: Rhetoric and argument have been the foundation of a liberal education for more than 2000 years. Read More


HC 231H: Peace Making in the Middle East

Professor: Farhad Malekafzali

4.00 credits

• CRN 13106

This course takes a critical look at the causes and consequences of continuing conflict in the Middle East with an emphasis on conflict resolution and long-term peace building using two specific cases, Israel-Palestine and Iran-United States. Read More


HC 231H: Global Food Security

Professor: Galen Martin

4.00 credits

• CRN 13107

A fundamental challenge for humans has always been the procurement of food. The human historical human experience has been marked by periodic localized and regional famine. Read More


HC 231H: Schools and Society

Professor: Edward Olivos

4.00 credits

• CRN 13108

Students in this course will examine conflicting perspectives and beliefs about public education within the context of increased racial/ethnic and social diversity in schools. Read More


HC 241H: Statistical Reasoning: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Professor: David Levin

4.00 credits

• CRN 16590

♦Course Description is forthcoming.


HC 241H: Angels, Monsters and Machine Learning

Professor: Stephan Fickas

4.00 credits

• CRN 16591

We will look at how we can use data to find the angels and monsters in our midst. We will use a data-analysis tool called machine learning. Read More


HC 241H: Decision Making for Sustainability

Professor: Kenneth Doxsee

4.00 credits

• CRN 16887

Through a series of readings, guided discussions, and analyses of case studies, this course will provide students with the broad scientific and behavioral knowledge needed to make informed decisions and engage in thoughtful discourse about various contemporary issues in the realm of sustainability. Read More


HC 241H: Alchemy of the Air: Nitrogen as Global Savior and Scourge

Professor: Matthew Polizzotto

4.00 credits

• CRN 16888

Figuring out how to harness usable nitrogen from air was one of the most important innovations in human history. Read More


HC 241H: Honors Foundations of Physics I

Professor: Ben McMorran

4.00 credits

• CRN 16889

In this course, we will discuss and practice introductory physics about the role of symmetry in nature and the consequence it has for conserved quantities like momentum and energy. Read More


HC 421H: Cinema Manifestos

Professor: Peter Alilunas

4.00 credits

• CRN 13118

This course traces in detail the various manifestos from the global history of cinema, positioning them within historical, aesthetic, political, and theoretical contexts. Read More


HC 421H : Reading New Religions

Professor: Ulrick Casimir

4.00 credits

• CRN 13119

The goals of this course are deceptively simple: to refine your understanding of the rudiments and mechanics of fiction writing, and to foster the development of habits vital to the future production of solid, expressive prose (which includes but is not limited to literary prose), beyond the confines of this course.  Read More


HC 431H: Big Problems and Bold Solutions: A Collaborative Approach to Problem Solving and Developing Leadership Skills

Professor: James Shephard

4.00 credits

• CRN 13122

Whatever career you embark on, whatever path you follow, you will find success if you are an effective problem solver and leader. This course will give you an opportunity to develop problem solving and leadership skills in a collaborative environment. Read More


HC 431H: The Language of Truth

Professor: Eric Pederson

4.00 credits

• CRN 13125

How do know when someone is telling the truth? How do we indicate when we are or are not telling the truth? How do languages vary in their expression of truth statements? These questions have always been relevant to the human condition. Read More


HC 434H/421H: Art & Politics from Michelangelo to YouTube

Professor: Jamie Harper

4.00 credits

• CRN 17078

This course considers the interrelationship of art and politics over the centuries, spanning from about 1500 to the present. Read More


HC 434H/431H: African Military History, 1960s-2000s

Professor: A.B. Assensoh

4.00 credits

• CRN 13126

In African political History, a nation on the second largest continent (Africa) was often considered both stable and progressive if there had not been a military intervention – i.e. coup d’etat -- in its national politics. Read More


HC 441H : Neuroethics

Professor: Nicole Dudukovic

4.00 credits

• CRN 13128

Over the past few decades, technological advances in human neuroscience research have progressed our understanding of the human brain.  Read More


HC 441H: Cosmology

Professor: James Schombert

4.00 credits

• CRN 13129

Cosmology, the study of the formation and evolution of the Universe, has progressed from its origins in early man’s ideas of Nature, to Chinese and Greek world views, to Dante’s vision of Heaven and Hell, to Newton’s Clockwork Universe. Read More


HC 444H/421H: Sexuality in the Archives

Professor: Judith Raiskin

4.00 credits

• CRN 17005

What can the records of a 1920s Portland vice-squad detective tell us about what was considered “normal” and legal sexuality? How does the lifetime papers of a woman science fiction writer who published as a man help us think about gender identity? How did a former sex worker and heroin addict draw on her experiences to found radical and compassionate harm-reduction policies?  Read More