HC 101H: Introduction to the Liberal Arts

Introduction to the Liberal Arts introduces students to the intellectual culture of liberal arts scholarship in the context of an engaged seminar class designed for students in their first year at the CHC.  

In this course, students will explore processes of knowledge creation and discovery through the analysis and discussion of shared texts/sources. The course emphasizes the writing process, and assignments will engage students in developing clarity of expression and argument, use of evidence, and effective revision practices. Students will evaluate the benefit of the diverse perspectives incorporated into a liberal arts education and reflect on the connections between scholarship and society. 

Students who enter the CHC during fall term will take HC 101H during their first term of study (fall term).  Students who enter the CHC in winter or spring term will take HC 101H during spring term. 

Sample HC 101H course topics: 

  • Malaria: Science, Ethics, History, Technology 
  • Visions of Conflict 
  • Leadership and Poetry 
  • Evolution in Science and Society