HC 101H: Voyages of Exploration

Professor: Carol Paty

• CRN 16617: Monday & Wednesday, 1215-1345 @ ALL 140

What does it mean to explore? For some exploring conjures images of sailing across vast oceans, or overland expeditions to map uncharted territories, or astronauts traversing the surface of the Moon. For others exploration is a pathway to discovery and understanding, with detailed analysis, research, investigation, contemplation, and experimentation comprising the tools of trade. In this course we will focus on what it means to explore through a range of intellectual lenses. What are the motivations of exploration? Must exploration and discovery be unique experiences? Can exploration be assisted or done remotely? What if we invert the inquiry and consider self-exploration? This course will emphasize the development of research and writing skills, and foster oral communication in a group setting to collaboratively discuss ideas. We will use exploration as a topical focal point, with discussions tracing an interdisciplinary, scholarly, liberal arts approach to inquiry and problem solving.