HC 221H: Beyond Nietzsche and Nazis: An Intellectual History of the Alt-Right

Professor: Rebecca Schuman

4.00 credits

• CRN 13087: Monday & Wednesday, 1415-1545 @ This course will be held remotely

While contemporary “alt-right” movements have much in common with the dogma of the Nazism, we know only a fraction of the story if we don’t also study the numerous other blueprints for these intersecting ideologies, blueprints that appeared with astounding regularity in the cultural output of post-Enlightenment Europe. This interdisciplinary humanities course goes beyond the “usual suspects” (Friedrich Nietzsche, Adolf Hitler) into some of the most fascinating offerings of the 16th-20th Centuries — texts, artwork and films that introduce us to all manner of complicated European masculinity. In our critical examination of these works, we will search out their oft-ignored nuance, while also tracing the near-direct line they draw to some of the most insidious thinking in the modern world.