HC 222H: People and Their Images

Professor: Julianne Newton

4.00 Credits

  • CRN 22593: Tuesday & Thursday, 1615-1745 @ REMOTE

People and Their Images explores seeing as a way of knowing as the basis for understanding how visual information affects our everyday lives and decision making. The first step toward addressing these issues is to reflect on how a person images themselves. The second is to consider how a person images other people. The third step is to examine how images of all kinds — even our dreams — affect the ways we perceive reality and create images to communicate with others. The course will draw from literature in visual studies and ethics, as well as from legacy and contemporary media ranging from petroglyphs and print to social media and virtual reality. Students will apply core ideas from the readings through a series of creative and critical thinking exercises. Each student also will conduct a research or creative project, producing a paper/project and presentation at the end of the term.