HC 231H: Peace Making in the Middle East

Professor: Farhad Malekafzali

4.00 credits

  • CRN 26162: Monday & Wednesday, 1215-1345 @ REMOTE

This course takes a critical look at the causes and consequences of continuing conflict in the Middle East with an emphasis on conflict resolution and long-term peace building using two specific cases, Israel-Palestine and Iran-United States. In the first part, the sources of enduring conflicts as well as their implications for regional and international peace and security will be analyzed. The second part examines peace building between United States and Iran and Israel and the Palestinians. The goal is to debunk the long-standing myth that the resolution of Middle East conflicts represents unique challenges to the international community. To that end, the course will show that long-term peace can be achieved by applying some of the same principles used by western countries when they negotiate among themselves, namely the centrality and legitimacy of self-determination, the equality of the rights of peoples involved, and the importance of good faith negotiations.