HC 232H: Gentrification, Displacement, and the Right to the City

Professor: Lina Stepick

4.00 credits

  • CRN 27102: Tuesday & Thursday, 1415-1545 @ REMOTE

In 1968, Henri Lefebvre argued that “the right to the city is like a cry and a demand... a transformed and renewed right to urban life.” Contemporary urban social movements have seized upon this message and idea, asking: Who has a right to the city? Who has a right to control and shape urban development? Who has a right to stay in neighborhoods that experience an influx of investment? This course will cover the structural forces that shape processes of urban change, with particular attention to race, class, and power. We will first examine how patterns of racialized disinvestment and dispossession create conditions for gentrification and displacement. We will then explore the right to the city organizing framework for transformational change, including land for the people vs. land for speculation, environmental justice, and community control over planning, infrastructure, and governance.