HC 241H (formerly 207H/209H): Angels, Monsters and Machine Learning

Professor: Stephan Fickas

4.00 credits

• CRN 16591: Tuesday & Thursday, 1015-1145 @ This course will be held remotely

Note:  HC 241H Science courses are equivalent to HC 207H and 209H Science courses in the pre-Fall 2020 curriculum requirements and will fulfill the HC207H / HC209H requirement.  If you have already completed HC 207H or 209H, you do not need to take HC 241H in the Fall 2020 curriculum requirements.

We will look at how we can use data to find the angels and monsters in our midst. We will use a data-analysis tool called machine learning. We will apply machine learning algorithms to a variety of data sets. The course will take a studio approach. Students will be given plenty of time during class to work on problems. This includes interacting with other students and the Professor. There are no prerequisites for the course. We will be learning to use the Python programming language but the course will start from ground zero, i.e., there is no expectation that students have programmed in the past.