HC 241H (formerly 207H/209H): Honors Foundations of Physics I

Professor: Ben McMorran

4.00 credits

• CRN 16889: Tuesday & Thursday, 1415-1545 @ ESL 112

This section of HC 241H is equivalent to PHYS 201 / PHYS 251. The course will fulfill PHYS 201 requirements for all UO majors and minors. For PHYS majors and minors who receive a B or higher in the class, the course will fulfill PHYS 251 requirements. 

Students in the class will need to request a pre-requisite override from the Physics Department to enroll in PHYS 202/PHYS 252 Winter term and should submit the override request at least a week before registration opens (https://physics.uoregon.edu/prerequisite-override-request-form/).

Note:  HC 241H Science courses are equivalent to HC 207H and 209H Science courses in the pre-Fall 2020 curriculum requirements and will fulfill the HC207H / HC209H requirement.  If you have already completed HC 207H or 209H, you do not need to take HC 241H in the Fall 2020 curriculum requirements.

In this course, we will discuss and practice introductory physics about the role of symmetry in nature and the consequence it has for conserved quantities like momentum and energy. Taking advantage of the CHC approach, we will discuss the influences of the scientists that came up with these concepts. In particular, Emmy Noether, an under-recognized, immensely influential contributor to physics, will play a central role in the story. Mathematics provides a structured language necessary for a quantitative understanding nature. A comfortable familiarity with algebra, geometry, and trigonometry is assumed but will also be reviewed. Calculus and vector concepts will be introduced and practiced in the same context that they were developed historically: to model change and directional quantities in physics.