HC 301H: Computers, Crime, and Law

Professor: Bryce Newell

4.00 credits

  • CRN 26369: Tuesday & Thursday, 1415-1545 @ REMOTE

Over the past few decades, crimes conducted through the use of computers, or targeted at computers, have risen dramatically. In response, courts have applied pre-existing criminal laws to computer-related conduct and legislators have drafted specific computer crime statutes. This course engages students in discussing and critiquing cybercrime, computer crime law, and the law enforcement practices put in place to respond to computer-related crime. It is designed as a research-focused course, and will be accessible to students with no prior legal coursework or knowledge. The course will focus on the types and extent of current cybercrimes, how the justice system responds to these crimes, the various constitutional protections afforded to computer users, the law and policies that govern cybercrime detection and prosecution, and related technologies. Substantively, we will cover criminal activity such as hacking and computer misuse, intellectual property theft, online fraud, disseminating harmful and offensive content, child pornography, and cyberstalking. We will also examine procedural legal issues related to the investigation and prosecution of cybercrimes as well as issues of privacy, surveillance, and free speech online.