HC 301H: Research and Writing

Clark Honors College research courses engage students in a challenging, term-length research project. Students will propose innovative research questions; develop methodologically sound approaches; locate, collect, and analyze relevant sources, evidence, and/or data; and synthesize and communicate their results in a final term paper and oral presentations. Throughout the class, students will develop skills in multiple dimensions of research from planning to execution to dissemination of conclusions and will learn ethical standards of research conduct. Upon completion of the research course, students will have the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in upper-division colloquia. 

HC 301H is offered during fall, winter, and spring terms. Students can only take HC 301H after they have completed HC 221H, HC 231H, and HC 241H. Course content varies by professor, so choose a section with a topic that sounds interesting to you. Some examples of past sections include: 

  • American Prisons 
  • Analyzing Networks 
  • Reading Cities 
  • 1970s Media and Culture 
  • Policy for the Planet: Researching How You Can Make a Difference 
  • Behavioral and Experimental Economics 
  • Computers, Crime, and Law 
  • The Politics of Translation 
  • Anatomy of Dance