HC 441H: Sensation & Perception

Professor: Lindsay Collins

4.00 Credits

  • CRN 24879: Monday & Wednesday, 1600 - 1750 @ ANS 192

Shared sensory experiences have the power to deepen interpersonal connections and to improve psychological well-being. However, the internal perception of sensory experiences and the way in which they are integrated into a meaningful worldview varies across individuals as well as cultures, throughout one’s life, and even on a moment-to-moment basis. This course uncovers ways in which the perception of our sensory world can be altered in both healthy and diseased states and explores the psychological and societal implications of such manipulation. 

This course takes a neuroscientific approach to understanding sensation and perception. Students will learn to critically evaluate current neuroscience literature, be guided through development of hypotheses and experimental design, and practice connecting scientific findings to life outside of the classroom.