HC 444H/431H :Calderwood Seminar in Public Writing: Writing for Social Justice

Professor: Carol Stabile

4.00 credits

  • CRN 16746: Friday, 09:00-11:50 @ CHA 301

Graduation RequirementThis course will fulfill both of the following requirements: a Social Science Colloquium and US: Difference, Inequality, Agency (US) Cultural Literacy. If the student has already taken a Social Science Colloquium, this course will fulfill an Elective Colloquium and US Cultural Literacy.

Calderwood Seminars in Public Writing (CSPW) are advanced-level, writing-intensive courses that engage students in a review of areas of special interest. These seminars emphasize public writing—the ability to translate complex arguments and professional jargon to a broad audience— which is a central feature of a liberal arts education. These seminars will have a collaborative format, with students writing frequently and rewriting their work in response to comments by their professors and input from classmates. You have learned how to write for college, now learn how to write for life.

This course will give you skills to write about social change—about issues you think should be urgently addressed; about the inequalities and injustices you want to remedy; about your role in advancing and enhancing democracy. Grounded in intellectual commitments to research, knowledge, and accountability, this interdisciplinary course will allow you to use your own knowledge and expertise to write for social justice. The course demands that you write, rewrite, and revise your own work and read, edit, and criticize your classmates’ work in order to become better writers, editors, and human beings.