HC 444H/431H: Calderwood Seminars Public Writing: Writing for Social Justice

Professor: Carol Stabile

4.00 credits

  • CRN 22643: Friday, 1015-1255 @ REMOTE

Graduation Requirement:  This class will fulfill a Social Science Colloquium and a US: Difference, Inequality, Agency (US) area of inquiry requirement.  If the student has already taken a Social Science Colloquium, this class will fulfill both of the following requirements:  an Elective Colloquium and a US area of inquiry

Calderwood Seminars in Public Writing are advanced-level, writing-intensive courses that engage students in a review of areas of special interest. These seminars emphasize public writing—the ability to translate complex arguments and professional jargon to a broad audience— which is a central feature of a liberal arts education. These seminars will have a collaborative format, with students writing frequently and rewriting their work in response to comments by their professors and input from classmates. You have learned how to write for college, now learn how to write for life.

“If libraries hold all the stories that have been told, there are ghost libraries of all the stories that have not. The ghosts outnumber the books by some unimaginably vast sum,” author Rebecca Solnit writes in The Mother of All Questions. In this course, we will consider how public writing can ensure that stories that are not usually told—which are often stories about social justice—get told. At the same time, you will work together through intensive practices of writing, revising, and reading each other’s work to become better writers and editors and, by finding your voice, begin to change the world.