HC221H: Excess, Ephemera, and the Unlivable

Professor: Quinn Miller

4.00 credits

  • CRN 21038: Monday & Wednesday, 1600-1720 @ MCK 473

This course analyzes language and culture creatively and expansively, with attention to elements of history and experience that elude straightforward representation and interpretation. Can popular culture conjure the paradox of living an “unlivable” life? Can academic writing? How do domination, marginalization, tokenization, and stratified social death interface with art, expression, and media systems? Considering these questions, we will generate and explore unfamiliar ideas and new perspectives in order to gain insight into the contradictory pressures of queer life and cultural production.

Readings and discussions focus on excess and ephemera and on skills for using these concepts to understand the details and textures of our own everyday lives. In particular, we will collaborate to revise conventional ways of engaging authorship, explanation, and meaning making.