HC231H: Out in the Archives: Preserving LGBTQ History

Professor: Judith Raiskin

4.00 credits

  • CRN 21049: Tuesday & Thursday, 1000-1150 @ LIB 201

Much LGBTQ history has been suppressed by the imperatives of the closet and rendered invisible by library cataloging traditions embedded in systemic homophobia and heterosexism. This course allows students to explore the spectacular holdings in the University of Oregon Special Collectives and Archives that shed light on LGBTQ history, including the papers of renown writers, artists, film makers, activists, police detectives, the collections related to the Southern Oregon lesbian lands, and the Eugene Lesbian Oral History Project.

The pandemic has made it ever more clear that public knowledge of LGBTQ history relies on committed research and digital outreach to scholars, teachers, students and the general public. This class will give students the opportunity to experience being activist-educators, developing tools to make these rich histories publicly accessible.For an overview of the Eugene Lesbian Oral History Project, go to https://outliersoutlaws.uoregon.edu/