HC301H: Science of Teaching

Professor: Lisa Munger

4.00 credits

  • CRN 21078: Tuesday & Thursday, 1400-1520 @ CHA 201

In this course, we will explore the science of adult learning and teaching (andragogy) through research, discussion, and practice. We will delve into the evidence behind “evidence-based teaching”—that is, the literature and other resources surrounding adult education and related topics in psychology and neurobiology. We will also discuss and reflect on specific practices within our educational institutions and our own experience as learners.

Throughout the term, you will collaborate with a group of peers in similar disciplines to design a college-level course in your chosen field. You will work together to develop course components such as a syllabus, lesson plans, and assessments, and you will provide constructive feedback to your peers throughout the process. You will put your strategies into practice by leading some of our class session(s) and evaluating the data that you collect from us as your students.