HC431H: Mental Health Screening in Schools

Professor: Randy Kamphaus

4.00 credits

  • CRN 24878: Monday & Wednesday, 1200-1350 @ CON 360

Children in the U.S., and globally, are not routinely screened for mental health risk or disorder, leading to undetected problems worsening and resulting in poor interpersonal, school, career, and health outcomes. New research shows that for many children can avoid these negative outcomes, or mitigate them, by receiving early intervention or prevention services.

This course introduces students to the mental health screening assessment methods required to conduct screening and trigger the delivery of prevention and early intervention services. Students will learn about basic principles of psychological and educational assessment such as, test construction, reliability, validity, administration, and norming, and remote assessment administration, parental permission, child assent and other practical aspects of mental health screening needed to deploy a universal screening program for school-aged children and youth.