HC434H/421H: African American Artists and Writers in France

Professor: Corrine Bayerl

4.00 credits

  • CRN 21096: Friday, 0900-1150 @ CHA 301

Graduation Requirement:  This class will fulfill an Arts & Letters Colloquium and a Global Perspectives (GP) area of inquiry requirement.  If the student has already taken an Arts & Letters Colloquium, this class will fulfill both of the following requirements:  an Elective Colloquium and a GP area of inquiry.

This class will focus on the vibrant African-American community that emerged in Paris and Marseille between the end of WWI and the 1970s and included writers and artists such as Langston Hughes, Josephine Baker, Claude McKay, Jessie Fausset, Richard Wright, and James Baldwin. We will discuss why these artists and writers chose to live in France as expatriates, in which ways they impacted both French and American culture, and we will consider their perspectives on race relations back home and in their adopted country. For each of these writers their exile in France was a transformative experience, and we will explore how it shaped their lives and artistic expression.