HC441H: The Art of Biology

Professor: Reyn Yoshioka

4.00 credits

  • CRN 21100: Monday & Wednesday, 1400-1520 @ CHA 301

Often framed as separate and opposing disciplines, science and art are more similar than not. With science communication more important than ever, researchers are constantly working to find diverse and far-reaching ways to share their work. In this course, we will explore the spectrum of biological art, starting from the article figures (i.e., data visualization) and moving towards more stylistic, expressive forms. Students will develop practical and conceptual skills for contemplating and creating art rooted in science and nature through analysis of figures and artwork, data collection and visualization, and collaborative art development. We will see how figures lead and mislead, and how using different media in our scientific communications can make our work more compelling and accessible.

This course will focus largely on visual forms of scientific art, but will also touch on other avenues such as sculpture, 3D-printing, textiles, sound, and poetry. Many examples will originate in biology, but students will also be encouraged to study and produce art expressing other scientific fields.