HC477H: Thesis Prospectus, Winter 2022 - Balbuena

Professor: Monique Balbuena

2.00 credits

  • CRN 21105: Tuesday, 1200-1350 @ CHA 101
  • CRN 21106: Thursday, 1200-1350 @ CHA 101

HC 477H Thesis Prospectus requires preauthorization before each term and entails a completed online form Thesis Prospectus Application (Note: All users need to log in before using forms with electronic signature enabled. Users with a UO ID will log in with their DuckID and password), with a one-page outline of your thesis idea and a one-page bibliography attached. The online application and accompanying documents are due beginning Friday of Week 6 of the term before you plan to take the course (Friday, November 2nd, if you intend to enroll in the Thesis Prospectus course Winter 2019). Your application will then be automatically routed to your Primary Thesis Advisor for their signature, and then to the CHC Academic and Thesis Programs Manager Miriam Jordan for verification and preauthorization. Students are responsible for checking the status of their application by logging on to http://forms.uoregon.edu and selecting “My Documents“ at the header line, to check that the form was signed by their Primary Thesis Advisor. Notify the Academic and Thesis Programs Manager of any routing issues.Your Primary Thesis Advisor must be a tenured or tenure-track faculty member in your major department, with whom you've taken class(es) and with whom you have, on several occasions, discussed potential thesis projects.Students studying abroad and seeking preauthorization are advised to contact the CHC Academic and Thesis Programs Manager (Miriam Jordan at mjordan@uoregon.edu) or your CHC Advisor. Deadlines apply to all CHC students, and classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. In other words, each application is time-stamped when it is received to ensure equitable preauthorization of first and second choice courses. Space is limited.Thesis Prospectus is graded Pass/No Pass. Details found in Canvas. Send questions to the Academic and Thesis Programs Manager, Miriam Jordan at mjordan@uoregon.edu.

---This class guides student work with a primary thesis advisor to develop a prospectus and timeline for thesis work throughout the year. Students present prospectuses orally to the class, with their Primary Thesis Advisors present. Course requirements include submitting a final Thesis Prospectus and completing a Graduation Audit.