Course: International Cultures Through Tea CHIP

The best thing to bring people together is a nice cup of tea—and it's been that way for centuries and worldwide. This CHIP is meant to explore international cultures through the medium of tea. Tea has greatly shaped our history, culture, literature, art, and cuisine. Thus CHIP students will explore and question how tea has shaped our history and culture as well as why we continue to drink it today. We will study tea and revolutions, tea ceremonies, the medicinal effects of tea, and extraordinary tales of tea. There will be weekly videos and short articles before each class, as well as some limited summer reading. Studying the world through tea shows us new patterns and frameworks allowing us to analyze global relations and consumer relations. The CHIP will draw on history, literature, art, and science, thereby appealing to and involving many majors. It will also teach students how to think about cultural origins, international relations, consumer behavior, and our daily decisions on drinks in entirely new ways — all while introducing students to the Clark Honors College. Best of all, every class will start with a cup of tea!