A message to CHC students from the deans of Clark Honors College

March 18, 2020

Dear CHC students,

We want to reach out in an effort to provide some comfort at this difficult time. You are undoubtedly feeling the stress of final exams and papers, compounded by uncertainties presented by the COVID-19 virus. Many of you and your friends are sheltering in place in Eugene. Several of you are far from home, away from your own country or familiar culture. Others might be back in your family home, away from Eugene, your UO friends and community. This was not the plan any of us had for the beginning of spring term 2020.

The situation in which we all find ourselves is rapidly evolving. There are, fortunately, a few things that we can do regardless of the circumstances. Remember to breathe. Share random acts of kindness with your friends. Reach out to acquaintances who might be alone. Show compassion for those around you. Write messages to your families and friends. Take walks outside. Share your concerns. Stay connected to your community and form new friendships. Remember what intellectual challenges inspire you and embrace them.

There is no denying that remote learning will feel unfamiliar, even uncomfortable, at first. We are hopeful that, while difficult, it might also open doors to new ways of learning. We are all in this experiment together and we are cautiously optimistic that it will be a great success.

Please remember that we are here for you. We care deeply about you and your experience as a Clark Honors College student. Please reach out to any of us for academic guidance and counsel. If we cannot help you with your particular concern, we will direct you to the right person or office at the University.

With warmth and respect,

Gabe Paquette

Daphne Gallagher
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Liska Chan
Associate Dean for Faculty

Elizabeth Raisanen
Assistant Dean of Advising & Strategic Partnerships