Signature Programs

Signature Programs


Take the First Step on a New Adventure
There are so many opportunities to take advantage of as a Clark Honors College student! While we do not recommend that you try them all, we guarantee that there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking to enrich your academic experience outside of the classroom, get creative, or just make some great friends, you’ll find it here.
Get Social

Yes, your honors college classes are demanding, but life as a student shouldn't be all work. Get involved outside of the classroom for a well-rounded student experience.

Pencils, photograph by Lily Bussel

Transforming the Ephemeral into the Eternal

You may be a poet and don't even know it! Or a sculptor, photographer, installation artist - the possibilities are endless. Ephemera, the Clark Honors College's creative arts journal, publishes an annual compilation of student work. So you can get groovy with your inner Picasso and submit your work, or join the staff!

The Ultimate Live/Work Scenario

Roll out of bed, and be dressed and downstairs in ten minutes for class. Meet with your language buddy for a practice session in the lounge. Grab lunch and a latté, and head to the library to work on that term paper, followed by free pizza and a ping-pong match with your professor. All in one place. It's like someone designed a residence hall just for you!
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Another Kind of Classroom

Who said classes require desks and chairs? Immerse yourself in experiential learning through these unique opportunities.

Certified Life Changing Experience

Take a class in prison, with prisoners. Read great literature, and discover your shared humanity. Learn about the criminal justice system, and become motivated to change it. We promise you won't regret it.

Adventure Awaits

Step outside of your comfort zone. Open yourself up to new experiences and new perspectives. Bring what you learn back with you, and share it with our community. We hope that every honors college student has the opportunity to study abroad, and we've designed programs that could be just the right fit.
Test Drive A Career

College is about friends, and classes, and experiences. It's also about developing skills and cultivating interests that will continue to serve you long after you don that cap and gown.

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You May Now Address the Court

One way to win an argument is to anticipate your opponent. Research, plan your moves and counter-moves, know the issue inside and out. It's a lot of work, but victory is sweet. The nationally ranked Forensics program has individual and team events for every skill level, both in and out of the court room.

We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know

A white lab coat and test tubes. That’s what generally comes to mind when you think about research, but it is so much more than that. Every student can do original research. In fact, they have to! As part of the honors college thesis, students will conduct original research in their major. Getting a jump start on that isn’t a bad idea.

On The Job Experience

Internships are a rite of passage for college students. They are your opportunity to test drive a variety of different career options. Or, if cars aren’t your thing, maybe they’re like tasting all the ice cream flavors before deciding on your favorite. In any case, we encourage you to give one a try.

'Your Name Here', Esquire

You want to be a lawyer. Maybe you’ve always known it. Perhaps it’s a recently discovered passion. Through Clark Honors College, you can complete a dual bachelor’s and juris doctor degree in just six years, saving time and money.