Core Faculty

Clark Honors College core faculty members design the honors college curriculum, and teach, advise and mentor students. Core faculty are not only award-winning teachers, but also active researchers in their fields. Learn more about their fields of study, and opportunities they have for students to get involved, on their profile pages.

When asked what one piece of advice they would give to an incoming student, our graduating seniors overwhelmingly responded—"Go To Office Hours!"

Faculty host office hours every week.  Most faculty are willing to set an individual appointment with you if you cannot come during the posted times.

Administrative Faculty & Staff

In the Clark Honors College, advising work is the work of diversity, equity, and inclusion. CHC advisors provide academic advising support and mentorship to honors college students—from their first day of class through graduation—in order to help every CHC student find their passion and pursue their goals.  The administrative faculty and staff are here to guide students through CHC requirements, major/minor requirements, grants and scholarships, four-year plans, CHC events, the thesis process, career exploration, getting involved in undergraduate research, and connecting with the CHC alumni community.

Affiliated Faculty

Affiliated faculty are award-winning teachers and researchers from across the University of Oregon, who apply to teach courses designed specifically for the honors college. These experts bring a breadth of interests and topics to their courses, and provide invaluable learning and mentorship experiences for CHC students. Information on affiliated faculty office hours can be found on your course canvas page or by emailing the professor.

Professors Emerit*

While Robert D. Clark laid the foundation for Clark Honors College, faculty members built upon it and created the innovative, curiosity-driven community we call our academic and learning home today.

CHC faculty members do more than teach: they advise, coach, and mentor students in order to help them reach their highest potential. Each faculty member mentors remarkable students, helps them answer big, important questions, and guides them toward a rewarding path in life.

Emerit, emeritus or emerita are honorary titles for retired faculty members who wish to continue contributing to CHC in ways beneficial to our community. Our Professors Emerit have inspired our students to become humanitarians, social justice workers, doctors who treat their patients with empathy, lawyers who fight for human rights, journalists who tell the stories of those who can’t, and researchers seeking to find solutions and tackle the world’s greatest problems.

If our faculty and students are the beating heart of CHC, the emerits who came before them are the soul. Their contributions endure in every former student, in every life path our alumni have chosen, and in the excellence that lives vibrantly at CHC.  


* Emerit is a de-gendered title adopted by the UO Faculty Senate as more inclusive than Latin titles emeritus and emerita.