Course: People > Computers? Technology Advancing Humanity CHIP

Literature is wonderful. It isn't a scary subject. Computer science? Yikes! Why the dichotomy?

This CHIP will teach computational thinking to allow a fresh perspective when examining other subjects. Computational thinking is a way of solving problems and understanding human behavior by drawing upon concepts in computer science, but no (let me repeat, NO!) prior experience in CS is needed. We will read selections from a computer science chronicle, entitled The New Turing Omnibus. Each chapter is an engaging, self contained taste of how a different type of thinking can be used to solve problems in diverse fields, from Medicine to Philosophy. We'll watch Wall-E and The Matrix and then argue about them. For your final project, you will pick a problem which is interesting to you and demonstrate to the class how you could solve it using the techniques we've learned. This is a residential CHIP, meaning that you will live and learn with your peers, while living the dream of interdisciplinary scholarship.