Science and Math requirements (Pre-Fall 2020)

Science and Math requirements help create a well-rounded liberal arts education. HC science courses are designed for non-science majors, and focus on understanding the scientific process, and how scientific reasoning interacts with political, social, and economic forces. If you have declared a major or a minor in a natural science, then you may be exempt from specific science requirements, or you may fulfill requirements through the routine completion of your major or minor.

HC Science

You must take one HC Science course at the lower-division level, either lab or non-lab, unless you have declared one of the majors or minors listed below. The HC science courses that satisfy this requirement are taught within the honors college.

  • Prior to Fall 2020, the HC science requirement could be satisfied by taking HC 207H: Honors College Lab Science or HC 209H: Honors College Non-Lab Science.
  • Beginning in Fall 2020, the HC 207H and HC 209H course numbers have been retired, so students on the pre-Fall 2020 curriculum who have not yet satisfied the lower-division HC science requirement can do so by taking HC 241H: Science.

Exempt Majors: biology, marine biology, biochemistry, chemistry, data science*, earth science, physics, computer and information science, general science, psychology, human physiology, environmental science, environmental studies, neuroscience*

Exempt Minors: biology, biochemistry, chemistry, computer and information science, earth science, physics, psychology. Note: Computer information technology (CIT), a minor in CIS, is not exempt

      • *The HC 207/209/241 waivers for these new majors will likely not appear on the CHC degree guide until the end of Fall 2020.  Please consult your CHC advisor if you have any questions.

Quantitative Reasoning

You must complete one course (4 credits) of quantitative reasoning from among the below options. Courses are taught in their individual departments, not through the Clark Honors College.

This requirement can be fulfilled with transfer, CLEP, AP, or IB credits. See the Office of the Registrar for minimum test score requirements.

• Math 105 and above
• CIS 105: Explorations in Computing
• CIS 110: Fluency with Information Technology
• CIS 111: Introduction to Web Programming
• CIS 115: Multimedia Web Programming
• CIS 122: Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving

• Any CIS course above CIS 122
• PPPM 413: Quantitative Methods
• PSY 302: Statistical Methods in Psychology
• PSY 412: Applied Data Analysis
• SOC 312: Quantitative Methods in Sociology
• SOC 412: Sociological Research Methods
• SOC 413: Advanced Sociological Research Methods

Two Additional Courses

Choose two additional courses that have been pre-approved by CHC. These include science and math courses taught across the university, from anthropology to psychology, and architecture to physics.

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You may be able to fulfill one or both courses with transfer, CLEP, AP, or IB credits. See the Office of the Registrar for minimum test score requirements. Note that AP/IB scores may only be used to fulfill up to a maximum of 24 university credit hours.