Fall 2019 - Science colloquia

Fall 2019 HC 441H: The Biological Basis of Coalitions, Alliances, and Political Systems

Professor: Klaree Boose

4.00 credits

•  CRN 12786: Tuesday & Thursday, 08:30 - 09:50 @ CHA 301

Human sociality is complex and our proclivity to form coalitions and alliances has a long evolutionary history. Understanding the biological basis of human political behavior is relevant to a wide range of disciplines including business, marketing, economics, and political science. Read more

Fall 2019 HC 441H: Neuroscience Perspectives on Drug Policy

Professor: Christina Karns

4.00 credits

•  CRN 16657: Tuesday & Thursday, 16:00 - 17:20 @ CHA 301

Check the headlines: Opiate abuse epidemic. High rates of stimulant use by college students. Marijuana legalization. Privatized prisons and non-violent drug offenders. Wherever you fall on the spectrum of abstinence to addiction, these issues affect you and the people you know. Read more

Fall 2019 HC 441H: Scientific Windows on the Blossoming of Cognition in Mind and Brain

Professor: Dare Baldwin

4.00 credits

•  CRN 12785:  Monday & Wednesday, 10:00 - 11:20 @ CHA 301

Children’s grasp of the world changes dramatically with development. In the brief two years from birth, they alter from helpless bundles into walking, talking dynamos. The course of cognitive development is also in some ways paradoxical. As toddlers, children acquire new knowledge at a remarkable pace, but at the same time they are prone to a degree of thoughtlessness that would lead them into imminent danger Read more